Innovations and INVESTING to advance the united nations sustainable development goals

XV ii  =  i nnovations and  i nvesting for the 17 SDGs

XVii = innovations and investing for the 17 SDGs

Impact Entrepreneur Center's XVii is a series of programs (retreats, forums, workshops and conferences) designed to inspire entrepreneurship and investing that create place-based as well as globally scalable solutions to the seventeen SDGs.

While the focus and specific audience for a particular program may vary, in general XVii's programming serves the following overlapping demographics:


XVii-SDG 2 Summit and Design Workshop Agenda & Participants (dragged) 1.jpg


  1. Members of the global Impact Entrepreneur Network
  2. Thought leading impact investors and entrepreneurs from around the U.S. and Canada
  3. Entrepreneurs, investors and scholars of social and environmental innovation in the northeastern U.S., including The Berkshires, New York City and Boston

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