Impact Investing: Tackling Racial Bias Resource List
Prepared by Dr. Gillian Marcelle Resilience Capital Ventures LLC

"For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change. Racism and homophobia are real conditions of all our lives in this place and time. ....
I urge each one of us here to reach down into that deep place of knowledge inside herself and touch that terror and loathing of any difference that lives here. See whose face it wears. Then the personal as the political can begin to illuminate all our choices."

Audre Lorde

Moderator’s Introduction & Background — Thursday, May 9, 2019

A. Background Statistics

Pew Report: Race in America

The Institute of Policy Studies, Racial inequality -The Equality Project

B. Tackling Racial bias & marginalization - the solution space

Institute of Policy Studies, Ten Solutions to Bridging the Racial Wealth Divide Report – The Equality Project

Foundations leading on improving racial equity through impact investment
Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) and Mission Investors Exchange series
Matt Ondek – Introductory Essay

Corporations & Specialist Firms
Colonial Consulting Reports available on request from Diverse Investment Managers, the Hardest Taboo to Break
Colonial Update: Differentiated Talent, a Whitepaper 2019

Impact Shares
ETFs benefitting racial justice organization

Interview with Prudential's Daryl Shore atlanta new-orleans-and-atlanta/

Lata Reddy – Prudential Financial Services

JP Morgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase’s Advancing Black Pathways initiative focused on three pathways - education, wealth, and careers - to help Black Americans achieve greater economic success.
Led by Sekou Kaalund

C. Diversity and Inclusion within the investment industry

Diversifying Investments; A Study of Diversity, Performance and Ownership, Knight Foundation (Jan 2019)
https://kf-site- RT-FINAL.pdf

Racial Diversity in the investment world, FundFire (2017) Report-FINAL.pdf

Diversity rankings of VC industry

D. Analysis and Commentary
How Ta-Nehisi Coates turned reparations from a punchline into a policy objective, (March 20 2019), Jonathan Capehart punchline-into-policy-objective/?utm_term=.d7490973262f

TaNeshi Coates Making the case for reparations ( June 2014)

Rethinking capitalism of-the-system-that-made-them-rich/2019/04/20/3e06ef90-5ed8-11e9-bfad-36a7eb36cb60_story.html?utm_term=.9e101f22356f&wpisrc=nl_most&wpmm=1

E. Technical Material on Impact Investing
IFC Report _ Creating Impact Report April 2019

Impact investing – definitions and frameworks, Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) 2014