Founding Circle Premium Membership

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Founding Circle Premium Membership


Impact Entrepreneur Premium Membership

Founding Circle Premium Members receive a full season of live webinars (approximately 24 programs per season) featuring the leading lights in impact investing and entrepreneurship

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You are invited to join Impact Entrepreneur’s new Founding Circle of Premium Members.

Your premium membership gives you complimentary access to a full season (September to July; approximately 24 programs) of Impact Entrepreneur’s live webinars with the leading lights of impact investing and transformative business.          

In addition to this core perk (which saves you nearly 60% off the cost of individual webinar registrations), your membership supports Impact Entrepreneur’s ongoing thought leadership in the impact space, including educational programs, leadership summits, research and sector by sector reports.

Founded in 2011, Impact Entrepreneur has created the first and largest global network of “systems-minded” changemakers — over 21,000 entrepreneurs, investors, scholars and students of social and environmental innovation who believe that this work needs to be done within a context of systems change. Together, we are collaborating to build a new, sustainable and just business paradigm and ecosystem.

Moreover, as a pioneering “impact economy” business, Impact Entrepreneur has accomplished something very rare, and possibly unprecedented, in business by successfully launching a transformative professional/vocational movement in its own name, with thousands of individuals around the world now embracing “impact entrepreneur” as their professional identity. Your premium membership helps us continue to build and support this powerful, global movement.

Join our Founding Circle of Premium Members today!