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IE is the premier global network for systems-minded entrepreneurs, investors, scholars and students of social and environmental innovation.


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Honored as one of the "Best LinkedIn Groups for Small Business," and "One of the Top 5 Linkedin Groups for VCs," this international network of 21,000+ individuals from over 150 countries is focused on the "social entrepreneur 2.0" and the new business ecosystem that supports them. Impact entrepreneurs are pioneering businesswomen and men who have gone a step beyond creating companies that do good in the world to actively building and populating a new paradigm and infrastructure for business founded upon the rigorous application of blended value (i.e. certified triple bottom line).

Impact entrepreneurs are systems thinkers who believe that a truly sustainable and just world can only be achieved by creating a wholly new continuum for business, and cooperatively build alliances with like-minded entrepreneurs, companies, consumers and investors in growing their businesses, strengthening the impact ecosystem, and transforming the world.

This group is offered to entrepreneurs, investors and scholars of social and environmental impact, and others who want to "take the red pill" and become serious students of the space. IE is a place for networking, candid discussion, and creative visioning.

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Founded in 2011, The Impact Entrepreneur Network has been built using the LinkedIn Groups platform. As a group member, you can post discussion threads and interact with the many thought-leading entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and scholars of the impact space, many of whom consider Impact Entrepreneur to be an essential gathering place to learn about cutting edge innovations, best practices, emerging trends, upcoming events on every continent, and keep connected with colleagues in this rapidly growing movement.

Impact Entrepreneur, LLC consults with early and growth stage impact companies, impact investors and educational institutions in the Network. The Impact Entrepreneur Center for Social and Environmental Innovation offers in-person and remote learning opportunities for Network members. Contact us for more information.

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