Impact Entrepreneur and Ellen MacArthur Foundation Team Up

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IMpact Entrepreneur and Ellen MacArthur foundation to collaborate on two IEC Initiatives

Growing out of Ellen MacArthur Foundation's participation in the recent IEC/RPA International Leadership Summit, Impact Entrepreneur and Ellen MacArthur Foundation have agreed to work together on two Impact Entrepreneur Center initiatives.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the leading global organization on circular economy development — with particular foci on plastics, food and fashion — will be contributing content and expertise in these and other areas for IE's upcoming Building an Impact Economy Webinar Series, to be launched in Autumn, 2018. 

In the second collaboration, Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Chief Executive Andrew Morlet will participate on the advisory committee for the Impact Entrepreneur Center building, IE's future global center of operations that is being designed by the world's leading sustainable architectural firm, William McDonough and Partners.

According to Impact Entrepreneur's founder and CEO, Laurie Lane-Zucker, "the collaboration with Ellen MacArthur Foundation will be a significant boon to our global network of systems changemakers and innovators, many of whom are seeking to integrate circular economy thinking in their work." "Additionally," added Lane-Zucker, "we will benefit tremendously from having Andrew Morlet's creative input in the design process for the Impact Entrepreneur Center building, a project that aspires to model the very best of circular economy ideals and practices." 

Andrew Morlet of Ellen MacArthur Foundation also commented on the collaboration: "Being agile and dynamic, entrepreneurs, social enterprise and SMEs play a crucial role in the transition to a circular economy, and can use this framework to discover new opportunities for growth and prosperity," Morlet shared. "We’re looking forward to working with Impact Entrepreneur to engage with this community, providing insights and tools that can support the adoption of circular principles, helping build an economy that is regenerative, diverse and distributive."