Impact investing - Gender Equality & Women’s empowerment Resources List

Prepared by Dr. Gillian Marcelle, Resilience Capital Ventures LLC April 10 2019

“At its core, impact investing is an emerging field of asset management where environmental or social outcomes are valued as highly as financial returns. The close monitoring and careful analysis that go into making sure an investment achieves a financial gain are applied to the sustainable or sociological targets as well.”Owen Walker Financial Times September 2018

US data and resources

2019 gender stats in US Venture Capital market

Women in investment with racial diversity stats why.html

Performance of US women owned businesses

Project Diane report key highlights 2018

Bottlenecks in diversity and inclusion in the US

Global data and resources

Project Sage 2.0. January 2019

Maxim Impact Blog

Gender Smart Investing Summit November 2018

IFC report on gender equality in PE and venture capital

The Boardroom Africa

Indian female investors advice to women entrepreneurs

Report on diversity in the U.K. social investment sector

The Social Impact Consultancy
Manifesto towards gender equality and greater diversity

Basic information on impact investing and the debates within the field

Sizing the impact investment industry GIIN April 2019

Financial Times article

Summary of the Winner Takes All - Anand Giridharadas’s argument by Peter Vanham